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Savvy Entrepreneurial Firm Starting a business requires many factors to be successful. The desire to be one’s own boss, pursue one’s own idea or for financial rewards; all must be done with savvy and persistence. Failure should not be an option but a learning process that guides future decisions. We see in the case of the Savvy Entrepreneurial Firm the tenacity and persistence against all odds to survive and be successful because the entrepreneurs were passionate and believed their product would improve the everyday lives of individuals. The analysis of this case attempts to explore the character of individuals and their tenacity to remain firm in their business endeavors. Harmonix like iRobot launched products with the intent to make…show more content…
The key to remaining tenacious when things take longer than planned is to remain focused on the goal. Sometimes when the odds seem insurmountable we have a tendency to give up. Sometimes in my case I would reflect on nature. There is a saying that the darkest hour is just before the dawn of day. The tendency to give up during time of adversity is appealing only if you do not believe in what you sat out to do. Harmonix and iRobot shared characteristics which stood apart from ProtectMyPhotos. Harmonix and iRobot had passion for the implementation of their product. The passion along with their skills enabled them to view the whole process clearly. It is paramount to have passion but also the ability to know how and when to adjust to adverse circumstances. They also shared the tenacity to continue in light of several setbacks after the initial launch of their various projects. No doubt Harmonix and iRobot enjoyed what they did and believed the product would be very instrumental in the lives of others. It was this that drove them in to not giving up. Reflecting on the issues one has to realize that being an entrepreneur is a task that brings along with it careful thoughts and planning. Even though product or customer focus, adequate funding, and intelligent execution are essential elements, however, to be successful in any endeavor you have to combine passion and tenacity. These two are

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