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Sawstop SafeSaw Marketing Plan

Company Description

In 1999, the SawStop table saw was invented by Dr. Steve Gass with a goal to drastically reduce the amount of hand, finger, and other injuries commonly suffered from the use of standard cabinet saws. This led to Dr. Gass and three of his friends founding SawStop, selling their first saw in 2004. Since then, the company has grown, increasingly preventing injuries along the way.

SawStop is the premier cabinet saw of North America thanks to its safe and quality design. It has received numerous awards from trusted publications and is now available at over 350 dealer locations in eight countries. The saw is advertised to various markets, based on those targeted by the individual dealer.

Stressing safety, the revolutionary technology behind SawStop has allowed the company to continuously expand its market. SawStop would like to expand their product line by introducing the handheld SafeSaw so that the frequency of injuries on-site can be greatly reduced as well.


The mission of SawStop is provide our consumers with high-quality cabinet, table, and portable saws, that possess industry revolutionizing safety technology. We aim to eliminate accidents in the carpentry industry involving saws, while also providing substantial returns to our stockholders.


For the next 5 years Sawstop seeks to achieve the following nonfinancial and financial goals:

Nonfinancial goals:

1.To achieve national distribution in
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