Sawtooth: A Narrative Fiction

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Ba-bush that's the sound our car made plowing through the snowy valleys and hills. We were headed to a campground near Sawtooth (this gigantic steep mountain) to watch my mom race and support her. I'm positive Jalyn and Brantyn were as excited as I was to go with mom. It was going to be a kind of camping trip for us. All that excitement kind of died down after an hour in our small van. I didn't have a phone to play on or a book to read so, I resorted to drawing snowmen on the frosted windows. I was halfway into drawing the body when I realized the beautiful scenery beyond the window. There was snow-covered grass growing next to tall conifers, standing tall against the skyline. I couldn't tear my eyes away. I stared and stared until we finally…show more content…
All the kids were split into two cars. All was well and we were driving behind Heather’s car, then out of nowhere there was this big gigantic jagged rock. We swerved then bam I heard a pop and the car leaned to one side and not because of the steering wheel. Bad news, the car was pulled over and Heather hadn’t seen us. She finally came back after she realized we weren't driving behind her. While she was gone we tried changing the tire but something went wrong, I think it was the bolts you use to put the tire on. The bolts wouldn’t screw on. Then we waited some more and other people from my mom’s team pulled over to help. Next the adults all talked about the tire and what they were going to do to fix it.The people who pulled over to help us had to go all the way back to camp to get the things they needed to help. It was the worst feeling we couldn’t do anything. All we did was sit around bored and trying to make up games when they got back we finally got the tire on, but it took about seven hours because of the tire delay. I was so tired when we finally got home I didn’t even bother unpacking or anything I just went to bed.

That basically sums up my entire “camping trip” to Saw Tooth. It was a horrible and beautiful two days in the mountains. Most of it was cold, dreary, and a little too snowy for my taste but you couldn’t beat the view. Huh, I almost want to go back there now. Well to late
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