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Saxonville sausage, a privately held company has been doing business for 70 years. In 2005, the company had revenues of approximately $1.5 billion from a variety of its fresh pork sausages. The company is producing three main types of products namely: bratwurst, breakfast sausage and an Italian sausage Vivio. The main source of revenue for the company is bratwurst (70%) followed by breakfast sausage (20%). But since 2004, the company is experiencing problems: bratwurst and breakfast sausage has been facing a stagnant growth; however Saxonville, due to poor performance with breakfast sausage had a double digit decline in revenues which resulted in being ranked 6 out of 8 in market share of the
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The qualitative steps would help her in better understand the product’s target customers and the quantitative part confirms the results of the qualitative research across a greater population.
The research design developed by Ann banks and her team were good but it lacked a few things. Firstly the focus group should include more diverse group of demographics i.e. men only and female only group. In this way, a lot of diverse ideas will come to surface which will help in understand the customers effectively. Secondly the stereotype associated with the Italian food that it is meant only for the use by families can influence the opinion of focus group. This can be eliminated by psychological influencing the people in order to get better results.
The results of the research showed that women were the primary purchasers of the Italian sausage. They wanted to provide a complete meal to their families while adding a special touch of their own. Many of the women considered Italian sausage as a great "meal-maker", and the Vivio brand was considered to be of exclusive quality. Also heavy, medium and light users said that their lives were made easier by the Italian sausage and their husbands and children enjoyed the meals.
Exhibit 6 showed six main positioning territories. Of the 6 positioning territories, two territories “Family Cooking” and “Clever Cooking “showed potential growth opportunities for the company. These two
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