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interoffice memorandum to: Steve spears, vice president of marketing from: ann banks, product marketing director subject: marketing recommendations for vivio italian sausage date: [ 3/3/2012 ] I propose a national launch to the market segment of women 20 – 50 years old. I recommend a simple packaging design and a brand position targeting “The Family Connection” and “Tradition”. I would keep the Vivio name. My recommendation for the name is Vivio Italian Sausage from Saxonville. Currently ranked in 7th place, a good marketing plan could change the name ranking. Vivio’s price, currently set above top competitors should remain unchanged. Because the product is “fresh – never frozen” and “locally made”, Vivio should have no problem…show more content…
The focus here is on good quality, good tasting food that will appeal to her and the children. Segment number three is women with teenage children, ages 12 – 17. Our focus on this segment is quick, easy dinners that teenagers will love and work with their hectic schedule. Our last segment would be empty nesters. This segment wants great quality and wonderful recipes that can be “quick and easy” or “traditional” depending on the amount of time available. Packaging concept – I recommend using a Cryovac “zip lock” bag, with a light brown back and an image of spices showing outside the edge of the sausage. Use of a clear top with the name Vivio Italian Sausage from Saxonville will provide the customer a good view of the product. The graphics are red and green, including the Italian flag and a picture representative of an Italian landscape. (See Exhibit 2) I would also include “Fresh – Never Frozen”, with a “Packaged On” and “Use by Date”. With the use of multiple production facilities, I would also add, “Locally Made”. Use of the Cryovac removes the need for Styrofoam, making the package “greener” and less expensive, which helps defray the cost of the advertising. This market, with an average two-year growth rate of 12%, is large enough to warrant reconfiguration of our distribution network. For the first rollout, I would include a simple ten question on-line survey, offering a $1.00 coupon available at the end of the survey. This would provide valuable

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