Say Yes to Gun Control

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Say Yes to Gun Control What would make you feel safer? Walking down the streets knowing that people can carry guns around willingly or knowing that people cannot carry guns willingly and that there are strict rules and regulations for having a gun? I would go with the second option. America has some of the highest rated gun related crimes and homicides. If you erase the option people being able to own guns, maybe there will be less gun related incidents. Yes you can still be able to get guns from places but it will also limit the list of people with guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It takes action and movement to pull that trigger. It takes even more action to pick up and hold that gun and point it at someone. In…show more content…
Gun control has been effective recently. There was a decline in gun crime from 1990 to 2000s due to the banned of assault weapons (Ballaro 2). Now a days the main cause of African Americans are due to the crimes caused in the streets (Reiss and Roth 1993). The reason for these deaths is mainly due to guns in the project areas also gang related activates. “A 1997 survey of more than 18,000 prison inmates found that among those serving time for a violent crime” (Agresti and Reid 1)."30% of State offenders and 35% of Federal offenders carried a firearm when committing the crime" (Agresti and Reid 1). With numbers these large, it’s enough proof to say that most criminals and crimes either own a gun at least. Not putting the fact they might use it for the crime into account. Gun control would prevent these criminals from getting a gun much more than the current rules and regulations we have right now. In addition, did you know in 2008, more than sixteen thousand crimes and murders occurred in the United States (Agresti and Reid 1)? And more than ten thousand of those crimes and murders were due to firearms (Agresti and Reid 1). Also at this rate, if gun control does not take effect and become stricter, the rate of Americans getting murdered by firearms will be over two hundred per year (Agresti and Reid 2). That is why gun control will also make it tougher for anyone to just get or buy a gun. Doing things such as back ground checking and having a waiting
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