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Missing ‘Love’ In “Say You Love Me” Molly Peacock replays a particular incident from her childhood in her point of view with diction and simile to create imagery. She speaks about a time, when her father was intoxicated and when he abused her. The father violently asked her whether she loved him or not. Her younger sister was home, but she could not help because she feared his strength and demeanor. Although, the three family members were at home, a feeling of loneliness struck them all. Peacock tries to convey this frightening scenario to acknowledge that children and women are vulnerable to a man’s strength. Also, she reveals how the people who are being abused may feel in this type of situation. Her audience includes children and…show more content…
First, when her sister screamed because she saw the father’s eye “blurred” and “taurean” (30). It was like he was bull, charging forward without knowing any consequences of what it harms. The sister realized and soon was horrified to know that the father would do anything to get what he desired. The second time, the sister screamed to help Peacock escape from the father and divert his attention to the phone. All her diction expressed negative connotation of fear, anger, and sadness. Amongst those words, similes are used to create imageries: “His face looked like a ham on a hook” (3) implies that his face was red because of the intoxication. At the butcher, the meats that are on the hook are usually raw. Also, when the ham was on a hook, it is hanging down. This shows the position that the father was in, he was towering over on Peacock and his frightening face was up-close to her’s. It draws a picture of a scary, almost demon-like red faced person looking down on a little children. “Arms like jaws pried open” (5-6) shows the strengths of this arms. His arms are made of metal, something so strong and unbreakable. He’s clenching on the chairs, hunching over her, but not touching her. Connecting with the prior imagery, now the demon-like person has metal arms that is prisoning the girl from running away. It is a prison of hell. “ Hysteria as a wet baby thing” (18) is connected to the previous lines of the poem: “to peel, as of live

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