Saying Goodbye to My Grandfather

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I do not know how many drafts I have written, nor do I know how many hours I have spent pondering this one essay prompt. “Who are you?” It’s a question we are often asked, but the answer to this question is one that everyone struggles with. To explain what changes not only by days, but by seconds, is a near impossible task. There are so many events that occur during life that changes who we are. It is during these events, however, that our strengths shine through. Although I am a typically more introverted person, there is one key event that has recently occurred that I am not scared to share.

My grandparents have raised me for my entire life along with my oldest brother and sister. My mother entrusted me to my grandparents care when I
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Needless to say, it came as a huge relief to me and the rest of my family when the doctors informed us that my grandfather was cancer free after the surgery. It was still a painful process watching my grandpa recovery, however. I only wanted to help him rehabilitate, so he could once again be the strongest man I have ever known. That was the start of my desire to be a physical therapist. It is my goal to be able to get out there in the world and help others recover from injuries. I understand the pain of slow recoveries, I know what it feels like to be unable to use my body properly because of an injury, and I can relate to patients on their desire to get back to their day-to-day activities. My grandfather taught me how even the smallest step out the door can be such a huge blessing. I want to be able to provide others with such blessings, because the sight of someone being able to move forward after an injury is so beautiful and inspiring.

I learned a lot about myself when I realized that my grandfather was not infallible. I took him for granted, and it is something I will never do again. He is the only father I have ever known, and I used to resent that fact. In the preceding years before his surgery, all I ever wanted was a real family, with a loving mother and a supporting father. Now I know that I do not need my biological father in my life. My grandfather is the only father I will ever need. My grandmother is a better

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