Sayre-McCord: Serving Justice

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Sayre-McCord argues that for justice to take place, instead of punishment, there should be legal reparations made. This topic is very controversial and complex due to varying severities of crimes that changes perspectives of what crimes should be punished or have legal reparations made. I will start my essay by stating the author’s argument and main points of discussion in his essay. Then I will discuss issues and the objections against Sayre-McCord’s arguments that are true. From there, I will proceed to state the author’s replies to these objections an/or issues that prove to be false. Lastly, I will conclude my thoughts and positions on the ideas brought up by Sayre-McCord whom which I do not agree with. Sayre-McCord’s paper discusses the idea that there is a distinct difference between punishment and legal reparations. He states that punishment is to bring pain to another who has committed an offense. He says this raises moral concerns because that is what defines punishment. However, reparations do not aim to inflict pain but to create a way for the offender to make amends with the person or people he/she has inflicted pain to. The offender that has committed the crime still has rights and they can also deserve a second chance. He says that some crimes are more severe than others where the criminal does not have that right anymore to be punished by making legal reparations, however, most crimes are not like that. Thus, he argues that the best solution for most

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