Sayyid Qutb's Impact on Islam

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2. Evaluate the impact on Islam of ONE significant person or school of thought.

Sayyid Qutb had a seemingly minimal impact throughout his life, but his teachings and ideology have become of significant importance to the Islamic faith. However his views and thoughts of that are somewhat extreme have lead some followers to form organizations which are involved with radical, extreme and “terrorist” activities.
Qutb’s teachings and commentary of Islamic teachings are seen to hold considerable authority and significance to adherents of Islam. His main and most revered teachings included: the belief in Tawhid (the oneness of God), the concept of Jahiliyya (pagan ignorance), jihad (struggle) and the need to revive Islam.
Through his first
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Thus it is evident, that Qutb’s teachings in the ideal of jahiliyya were fundamental to the pathway that Islam decided to follow, and did in fact promote the teachings of Islam and sustained growth.
Qutb was one of the most significant figures in the development of jihadi Salafi ideology. Qutb in true Salafi style, reanalysed the Qur’an to find new ideology. Qutb acknowledge that the contemporary jama’at (movement) would also encounter periods of weakness. Therefore he insisted that here was an immediate need for a new movement. Qutb also constantly stated that there was a need for new leadership. He claimed that the new leaders should engage in jihad (struggle) against jahiliyya, so that a true Islamic state can be established. His teachings of jihad and the need to use force if the survival of the Islam was under threat, is being used today out of his context of time by extreme “terrorist” groups. Members of these radical groups say are not afraid to die for their cause because Qutb gave them reason: “For a pious life is a life of struggle or jihad for Islam, and struggle means martyrdom”.
Qutb’s actions, books and somewhat extreme teachings all greatly contributed to the revival of Islam. He successfully contributed to the revival of the Islamic faith through his commentary and teachings on the Qur’an and the tradition. In this action, adherents were able to gain a greater understanding of Allah and
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