Sayyid Qutb's Influence On The Arab World

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While Osama was student of Abdul Aziz University he was introduced to the works of the Islamist radical Sayyid Qutb. Executed around 1966, but was a guiding light of the Egyptian Muslims Brotherhood. It’s doubtful Osama read very deeply into Sayyid Qutb’s thirty volumes of Koranic commentary. Like other young Muslim men came to believe that Jihadis had the answer to the world’s problem and that answer was bloodshed. The problems posed by almost a million displaced Palestinians affected the entire Arab world. Now within the Palestine Diaspora, more than a dozen terrorist organizations reared their heads. Now the one group that was among them were the Palestinian Liberation Organization, headed by an Egyptian named Abdel Raouf Arfat al- Qudwa al- Husseinii. He soon would be known as Yasser Arafat.…show more content…
He is non-observant Muslim, It was his strategy of global terror would come to be used by no other then Osama bin Laden , which became known as PLO’s bloody play book of international would make a legacy to Bin Laden and also Al
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