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Health Care Access SB 810 the California Universal Health Care Act
Polly Ankenbauer
Grand Canyon University
Health Care and Economic Analysis
HCA 255
Barri Mallin
August 12, 2011

The purpose of this assignment is to choose a legislative proposal regarding health care access and discuss the current program as well as ways the new legislation will improve access. The proposal chosen for this assignment is, State Senate Bill 810 authored by Senator Mark Leno; a Democrat from the city of San Francisco and presented in March 2011 as The California Universal Health Care Act. This landmark legislation establishes a modern universal health care system to cover
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Close to half of each dollar spent on healthcare is inefficiently used both at a clinical and administrative level. Three other areas that funds are not appropriately in are insurer overhead and profit and over priced pharmaceuticals. Projected figures for the first year estimate that just in administrative costs alone the citizenry should see approximately twenty billion dollars worth of savings in the first year. Another area that will put approximately $5.2 billion dollars back into the budget will be that this program will allow the state purchasing power for mass quantity pharmaceuticals and durable equipment. Finally by increasing the emphasis on preventative care and making a primary care physician available to all will add another $3.4 billion. Last but definitely not least, it is estimated that this bill will dramatically reduce fraud approximately $800 billion dollars in healthcare spending. Total savings for the first year are projected to be approximately $29 billion dollars. The projected plan is to use this money for the purpose of providing healthcare to the populous that is currently without health insurance. With these savings and more efficient use of funds all residents will have comprehensive healthcare that at this point was leaving twelve million without it as well as not increase spending (Amaro
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