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INTRODUCTION This project is a research on the effects of single parenting on families in the community of Newland which is in situated in the Parish of St. Catherine, Portmore within the vicinity of Portmore Lane and Cumberland. Newland host a little over 200 households and businesses. Approximately 30 % of the residents has a stable job hence another 10% is occasionally employed, crime is a major factor affecting the community This project tends to unveil the challenges associated with this family setting and how they overcome these challenges. To better gather information questionnaires were given to twenty single parents that reside in the community. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT…show more content…
What do you think are the factors contributing to single- parent families in the Newland District community? Fear of commitment Divorce Migration Medical issues Other If other please specify: _______________________________________ 4. What type of income do you earn? Minimum wage Monthly Salary Not Working If not working how you do obtain money? : ____________________________ 5. What challenges do you think single parent families in Newland District face? Inadequate Supervision of Children Depression Delinquent Children 6. How often does your child attend school? 1-2 Days per week 3 Days per week 4 Days per week All Days per week 7. How often does the absentee parent visits? Never Daily Weekly Monthly 8. In what way does having one parent in the home affect your child? My child (misses/does not miss) his/her absentee parent My child is (happy/not happy) and (well adjusted/ not well adjusted) My child (has/ does not have) sufficient food, clothes etc My child (has/ does not have) emotional problems. 9. If the child had both parents living together, would you say things would be better for him/her? Yes No Maybe Support your answer.

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