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Abstract Verbal and nonverbal communications are essential components of nursing care. It is critical for patient care providers to ensure an accurate portrayal of the patient. The situation background assessment recommendation (SBAR) protocol is a technique that provides a structure for communication between patient care providers. SBAR was a tool designed to promote efficient care that ensures patient safety.

SBAR: Improving Communication Between Healthcare Providers Missed or ineffective communication can have severe consequences to the life of a patient. A patient’s clinical condition can deteriorate very quickly and the ability to communicate nursing assessment data rapidly and in a way that will be effectively received can
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“Errors in communication give rise to substantial clinical morbidity and mortality (Riesenberg, Leitzsch, & Cunningham, 2010).” As a result, the Joint Commission has identified effective communication as one of its National Patient Safety Goals (Dunsford, 2009). Cinahl Information Systems (2012) state communication patterns between patient care providers can fluctuate depending upon gender, cultural background, education level, stress, environmental disruptions, and individual communication styles. Using a standardized communication tool such as the SBAR technique, eliminates communication failure due to the diversity of communication patterns of patient care providers. SBAR allows communication to become precise, consistent, and simplistic.
Recommended changes using evidenced based practice The World Health Organization recommends the standardized communication process, called SBAR, an acronym which simplifies a patient’s situation and background and the patient care provider’s assessment and recommendations (Wacogne & Diwakar, 2010). The situation, background, assessment, and recommendation (SBAR) protocol is a technique that provides structure for
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