Sbs Star King Episode 132 Essay

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Idol groups, especially those who are in the process of actively promoting their albums, can be really busy and may have no time to do what they want to do in their own time. For example, for South Korean idol groups, they are usually living in one apartment so that they can be called up any time to appear on shows and perform on different stages. As idol groups, they have to maintain a strong and good physique to endure long duration physical work and as we all know, you really can 't achieve that without exercising. But how do these idol groups do that amidst their really tight schedule? Based from what I saw in SBS Star King Episode 132 aired on September 19, 2009, idol groups would have to make use of the short time they have during breaks to work out. With the help of their trainers, they modify their exercises so they can exercise effectively in a short amount of time. It 's an old episode but still really worth bringing up. From that episode, Girls Generation 's Tiffany and Jessica, together with their trainers and two other members of Girls Generation which are Yuri and Sunny, showed everyone how they perform a quick workout. They performed mostly leg and core exercises which can also double as a cardio workouts. These exercises only need around 10-15 minutes to complete based on the suggestion of the trainers to perform 3 sets and since idol groups are on the road a lot of times, these exercises can be done almost anywhere. There 's no special equipment needed

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