Sc300-Unit 6 Assignment Essay

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Unit 6 Assignment SC300: Big Ideas in Science September 30, 2012 Unit 6 Assignment The two meals that I have chosen are breakfast and dinner. We will discuss breakfast first. This morning I had two fried eggs with salt and pepper, a piece of toast with blackberry jam, and a diet coke. The origins of the Kroger brand eggs and the Kroger brand black pepper were from Cincinnati, OH, the Morton’s kosher salt is from Chicago, IL, the Nature’s Own bread was from Thomasville, GA, the Kauffman’s blackberry jam was from Montezuma, GA, and the Diet Coke was from Atlanta, GA. For dinner I made Purdue chicken breast with salt and pepper, Kroger brand name frozen green beans and roasted potatoes. The origins of the Purdue chicken came…show more content…
The eggs are then sent through a candling process that inspects the interior for cracks and quality. This is when the eggs receive their grade. The grades are classified as AA, A, or B. The eggs are then sorted and packaged according to size. The eggs are then shipped and within approximately three days they reach the store. When comes to vegetable they seem to be processed all the same way. The vegetables then are harvested by machinery operated by farmers in the field. Each type of vegetable is harvested by different machinery. Most of the time after they are harvest they go through a washing process and stored properly. When it comes to frozen vegetables they go through a flash freezer that freezes them in a matter of minutes and then are packaged and sent to the store. Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA manufactures diet coke. The process in which they go about it is hard to find. But like most manufacturing companies, they start by mixing all the ingredients together, package and ship. One of the benefits of a global market would be more specialization. Global markets would be able to use the best products and services from qualified parts of the world at a decreased cost. With more specialized products on the market; the consumer would have more options and choices at their disposal. In short term and long term will result in greater products for the consumer and it would be less expensive for the businesses.

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