Scandal, Bribery, And Corruption

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Scandal, bribery, and corruption: all aspects of everyday life, and sports. With countless scandals hitting the news every day, it is easy to see that sports “players” are no exception. With scandal comes crisis communication. Rhetors use strategic language and techniques to save face and restore image after a scandal. Apologia theory is a crisis communication concept which aims to categorize the strategies used in rhetoric to apologize, defend oneself, and restore an individual or organization 's image. Theorist have studied famous speeches and situations from Bill Clinton to Tiger woods, using apologia as the lens to understand how we react in times of crisis. In the case of the recent bribing scandal involving Eric Black, a Southampton…show more content…
Both statements were released on the club’s website and social media platforms. The statements aimed to combat the negative feelings of fans after the scandal made headlines.
The day after the article and video went up on The Daily Telegraph’s website, Southampton FC released the first of two press statements. The first statement, released September 29th, aimed to reassure the community they were doing something about this video and the possible corruption. The discuss the steps they are taking to look into the video and possible bribing in the league; stating they are working with the FA (The English Football Association, and The Premier League (SFC, 2016). They use rhetorical strategies to reassure fans and other community member they take this seriously, and they understand how this affects the wider community. this helps to restore their image and build credibility. The first statement does not speak of Eric Black himself or his status as employee; the rhetors use framing as a device to shift the reader 's mind away from the scandal and Black, and towards the investigation and future resolution. The second statement goes into more detail about the status of Eric Black as an employee of Southampton, and continues to reassure while promoting a sense of community.
Southampton FC followed up the next day with an extended and

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