Scandal In Corporate America: An Ethical, Not A Legal, Problem

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Are businesses in corporate America making it harder for the American public to trust them with all the recent scandals going on? Corruptions are everywhere and especially in businesses, but are these legal or are they ethical problems corporate America has? Bruce Frohnen, Leo Clarke, and Jeffrey L. Seglin believe it may just be a little bit of both. Frohnen and Clarke represent their belief that the scandals in corporate America are ethical problems. On the other hand, Jeffrey L. Seglin argues that the problems in American businesses are a combination of ethical and legal problems. The ideas of ethical problems in corporate America are illustrated differently in both Frohnen and Clarke’s essay and Seglin’s essay.

In Bruce Frohnen
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First, Frohnen and Clarke consider the problems of lying and cheating to be wrong and not ethical whatsoever. Frohnen and Clarke discuss how accountants and lawyers do not do their job correct because they are just trying to get around the laws and trying not to get caught which is morally wrong. Frohnen and Clarke emphasize that we are losing the understanding of what it means to act honestly. The authors point out that we have completely lost our ability to impose rational honesty, which is important to our public well-being.

Agreeing with Frohnen and Clarke, Seglin stresses how honesty and ethical behavior is crucial to our public as a whole. Seglin discusses situational ethics by stating that it “misses the inconsistency between the way you behave and the ways others are when they behave exactly the same way and you hold them to be unethical” (126). Frohnen and Clarke’s stance agrees with Seglin’s that businesses work their way around the laws and for the most part get away with it without caring that what they are doing in unethical. Seglin argues that there are two different ways with handling business situations, an easy way and an ethical way. The easy way is to hide behind the law and the ethical way is to give careful reason as to whether your behaviors are right or wrong.

Secondly, Frohnen and Clarke have different opinions on the people in America. Frohnen and Clarke claim that our nation and the
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