Scandal : The Watergate Scandal

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Scandal Paper Final Draft
The Watergate Scandal

High-level political and governmental figures are often involved in influencing public policy as well as taking part in decision making. We look up to them and trust them to make our country a better place and protect us. Presidents, for instance, are very powerful leaders who enforce our nation’s laws and work very hard to keep our country safe. Presidents are often described as being courageous, dedicated, honest, influential, loyal, passionate, responsible, trustworthy, and strategic. Well, at least most of our presidents were.
June 17, 1972 marked the beginning of the most famous political scandal in history. It was early in the morning and
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As a result of childhood, Nixon had a drive to be successful.
Richard Nixon decided to run for President in January of 1968. “Portraying himself as a figure of stability in a time of national upheaval, Nixon promised a return to traditional values and ‘law and order.’” (Gould 23) After being elected into office, Nixon spent the majority of his first term in office focusing mainly on foreign policy initiatives. Nixon was creating a plan to assure an income for all Americans, which became known as the Family Assistance Plan in August 1969. As President, Richard Nixon said in a speech, “Do you want to make a point or do you want to make a change? Do you want to get something off your chest, or do you want to get something done?” (“Biography of Richard Milhous Nixon” 7). Nixon was determined and motivated to make changes that would benefit his country. This quote is interesting because as seen in the Watergate scandal, Nixon definitely goes to extremes to get what he wants done. Richard Nixon won his re-election in 1972 with an overwhelming “520 Electoral College votes as well as 61 percent of the popular vote,” according to Nixon: President Library & Museum.
Early in the morning on June 17, 1972, everything began to go downhill for President Richard Nixon. At 2:30 a.m., police were notified of unusual activity taking place at

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