Scandal : The Watergate Scandal

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March 16, 2015
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Scandal Paper Final Draft
The Watergate Scandal

High-level political and governmental figures are often involved in influencing public policy as well as taking part in decision making. We look up to them and trust them to make our country a better place and protect us. Presidents, for instance, are very powerful leaders who enforce our nation’s laws and work very hard to keep our country safe. Presidents are often described as being courageous, dedicated, honest, influential, loyal, passionate, responsible, trustworthy, and strategic. Well, at least most of our presidents were.
June 17, 1972 marked the beginning of the most famous political scandal in history. It was early in the morning and multiple arrests were made in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C. Attempts were made to wiretap the phones in the office of the Democratic National Committee and top secret documents were stolen in order to assist President Richard Nixon in his reelection into office. Some say that Nixon was aware of the illegal acts taking place in the Watergate building while others disagree. Regardless, Nixon tried his best to cover up the scandal afterwards by destroying evidence and even giving the burglars large amounts of money in order for them to keep their mouths shut. In August 1974, President Nixon resigned from office after his role in the scandal came out. Nixon was not prosecuted, however, American politics and the views on presidency and…

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