Scandinavian-American Migration Studies

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For nearly half a century the field of Scandinavian-American migration studies has subscribed to a status quo set of beliefs that Scandinavian migrants in the United States formed and developed an independent identity from their Anglo-American and European counterparts. The roots of the argument of the unique Scandinavian-American ethnic identity and the impact of Scandinavians on the development of regional American cultures stems as far back as 1960s as scholars began to discuss Scandinavian migration within the context of Vecoli’s redirection of the field of migration studies. The investigation of the development in Scandinavian-Americanism took its first steps and began to gain traction through the work of Ingrid Semmingsen, a respected scholar of Norwegian …show more content…

She discussed the formation of Norwegian-American communities and cultural identity in her 1978 book, Norway to America: A History of the Migration, “Norwegian enclaves” that continued to practice embodiments of their Norwegian heritage within their American

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