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Case No. 1: Scanim Call Center:

Prepared by: Richard Marx

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____ College – Spring 2013

Strategic Human Resources Planning


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This paper, prepared by the Ontario HR Manager for Scanim, argues the company is ready to start the new Inbound Service and Warranty Claims Contract for Chrysler Corporation. Scanim management’s recognizes
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Envelope scenario forecasts are projections of future demand for personnel “based on a variety of differing assumptions about how future organizational events will unfold.” [iii] Figure 1 below illustrates envelope/ scenario forecasting for our new Inbound Service and Warranty Claims Team (ISWCT) workforce over a period of 5 years.
I relied on actual Chrysler auto sales data for the year ending 2012[iv] to generate my optimistic scenario sales figures. The Optimistic option projects 5 years out from now. Chrysler auto sales are now worth $60 Billion dollars and the size of the ISWCT has more than doubled. Secondly, the normal scenario projects out five years from now where our HR demand forecast for Scanim has remained the same. This assumes that Chrysler maintains sales at $30 Billion per year. If there would be any personnel increase, they would only represent a 5 to 10% increase. Finally, the Pessimistic scenario projects Chrysler will go bankrupt 3 years from now. Auto sales in this scenario have evaporated 100% leading to the entire disbanding of the Inbound Service and Warranty Claims Team. The optimistic and pessimistic scenarios presented above, and their matching staffing tables, demarcate the four

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