Scapegoat: Bullying and Exactly Scapegoating Looks Essay

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Audelia Garcia Professor Thweatt English-102 April 26 2012 “Scapegoat” For centuries scapegoating has exist, as a society we use it in order to blame somebody else for our own mistakes it is also seen as a human habit. Scapegoating has been as an escape form for human beings, when something bad happens, society look for a person or victim to blame on, instead of them to be blamed. As people we discard the idea to be blamed, therefore we adopt scapegoating as a habit, unfortunately as humans it is very hard to accept our own mistakes. When we blamed someone else for our own misfortunes, the only thing we have in consideration, is the idea of not be blamed, but we never think on the consequences that the person would have to pass…show more content…
However, scapegoating has been throughout the human existence, because it is more easy for people to accuse somebody else than to accept our own misfortunes. As for example we used this term in order for us to not be blamed, because we are afraid of the consequences that this could have or for different reasons as for example our motives, the injustice of our accusations, etc. Therefore we have been adopting this term of scapegoating that has become as part of human nature, better said as a habit for us. This is such as horrible habit, because we just apply it, we never think on that person that we used as the scapegoat, we never think on their suffrage. This term is also reflecting our selfishness as persons, we only demonstrate how cruel how we get to be. Moreover, we have talked about the reasons and why do we have applied scapegoat for centuries but we have never talked about the consequences. However people who has been as a victim get to have a lot of traumas. As for example some consequences could be, the person feels very insecure of themselves. People with insecurities tend to instantaneously put themselves as victims. They also consider themselves as worthless and, that everything that happens to them is a

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