Scapegoats In Germany

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Overlooked Once, Adolf Hitler said, “It’s not the truth that matters, but victory.” Obviously, this quote shows that Hitler’s mindset was directed towards winning, and not his moral values. He made false accusations about the innocent Jews, killing over six-million of them. These false accusations were simple, repeated, and, eventually, people believed it. The rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party affected how people viewed the Jews at the time. To begin, events in Adolf Hitler’s life lead to his viewpoints and affiliations. Secondly, the creation of the Nazi Party was critical to the formation of Germany’s point of view. Lastly, Jewish people had been used as scapegoats for the loss of World War I and Germany’s economic crisis.
To begin, events in Adolf Hitler’s life lead to his viewpoints and
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The Jews were considered to be less than. “The Aryan race was the best and strongest race. Jews were another inferior race. In fact so inferior that they were not considered to be people by the Nazis.” (Anne Frank Stichting) Another source, written by Michael W. Kramer, reads “According to Nazis, the Jews were engaged in a conspiracy for world domination. Behind the scenes it was them who controlled society and made Germans suffer.” For Instance, the Germans thought that the Jews had killed Christ and were responsible for large unfortunate events in Germany. These accusations had always been floating around, and the Nazi Party had only increased Jewish hate, however, Jewish antisemitism and their use as scapegoats had always been around. For example, during the Black Death, the Jews were blamed for poisoned the wells and being immune to the Black Death; unfortunately, the scapegoating of Jews continued, changing people's ideas about the religion of Judaism. In the analysis, Jews were blamed for several tragic events for Germany, changing the way people viewed
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