Scarecrow Logos

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The video of the scarecrow was interesting because of how they delivered a message without any form of dialogue, just a song in the background.The song was usually a happy and light but in this video it was, at first, slow and sad but later in the video it became happy when the scarecrow introduced a different type of a lifestyle that does not hurt or have animals be eaten. At the beginning he was going to work in a building that had a beautiful picture of a farm's’ land and he had to go through it to get to work. He was used to the repetition of the job had because he went to work every day. The crows that were distributed out to the workers were used to keep the scarecrows in check and keep them busy by directing them to what was next to…show more content…
All of the things that the scarecrow fix are so that the people do not see what was behind the company buildings, because if they were to know what was going on they would not want the food that was being made and the big company would not go broke. Then when he is done with work he goes back home, which is on the outside of the city, he sees his face on the billboard and cannot believe he is apart of what was going on. When he gets back home you can see all the colors and the difference in his mood changes at the moment he steps foot on his little farm. The song also changes tempo and you can tell there is something good coming. He harvests at his farm and takes it to the city and he cooks the fruits and vegetables at his little stand into a burrito. Once someone saw the burrito and came over to look at it a sign came down and that said “cultivate a better world.” He wanted to make a change in the food industry by making a different form of food to sell and with that people would try to change their minds about the food they were eating by knowing how their food was being made and what was going into what they were eating. Chipotle has a pretty good marketing
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