Scarface And Hamlet

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Oliver Stone’s Scarface and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet are thematically linked in characterisation. The inability to control emotions are both apparent with Tony Montana and Hamlet. They have a tendency to get mad, especially when Tony and Hamlet catch the women they believed to be pure betraying their trust. Often, they will both exhibit the use of deceiving behaviours to fool others around them to try and cover more profound intentions. Although Tony Montana’s and Hamlet’s desires differ in purpose, the protagonist’s major flaws within their behaviours end up both tragic in consequence. To give a background on Tony Montana’s deportation from Cuba to the sunny coast of Miami, Scarface opens with a prelude as a literary device. Hamlet…show more content…
Tony Montana and Hamlet connect on their lack of ability to control their emotions. Tony acts aggressively and deals with his problems head-on. Hamlet struggles to make decisions and has a lack of assertiveness; his procrastination may be due to his religious beliefs, finding the right moment to revenge his father to kill Claudius so he isn’t sent to Heaven. Tony, on the other hand, does not seem to have any religion holding back his actions, he is clearly a more dominant figure than Hamlet, which is evident when Tony confronts Frank Lopez directly and murders him on the spot. Hamlet is more submissive and confronts Claudius’s guilt by putting on a play that recreates the murder of King Hamlet, rather than directly confronting Claudius. Due to no education, Tony lacks intelligence and that plays a role in his expression of emotions, having a hard time explaining them and often uses slang or curse words. Through the use of highly developed metaphors, Hamlet understands and expresses his emotions thoroughly such as in Act 3 Scene 1, during his “To be or not be” speech he uses a "Sea of troubles" to compare his sufferings with the endless sea, as the currents are a fluctuating movement from forces of breaking waves and wind, conveying Hamlet’s conflicted and disturbed mindset. Masks of deception are applied in advantage to shield Tony and Hamlet’s true intentions and behaviours. When Tony is being interrogated by the immigration officers about his criminality,

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