Scarlet Ibis Analysis

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Taking care of a sibling who is disabled can be embarrassing to you. So you decided to make them become normal. But you did it for your own selfish reason and because of your pride. In the story, “The Scarlet Ibis” the narrator felt embarrassed because he had a disabled brother. He planned to smother Doodle, but stop once he realized Doodle was all there. The narrator kept taking care of Doodle and the narrator was irritated. The narrator was more harsh to Doodle so he doesn’t have to take care of Doodle, consequently Doodle still wanted to be with his brother. The narrator decided to teach Doodle to walk so he doesn’t have to carry him everywhere. Hurst's characterization of the narrator shows that pride is linked to shame and embarrassment. This characterization is reveal when the narrator tries to kill Doodle , when he leaves Doodle out in the storm.
The beginning of the story was when the narrator tries to kill Doodle because he was ashamed. The narrator is revealed that he is embarrassed of having a disabled brother and was willing to kill Doodle because he was crippled. The event is linked to the theme because the narrator’s pride towards Doodle was because of embarrassment of Doodle being crippled. Doodle was born with a big head and his body was wrinkly and red like an old person and was disabled. Everyone thought he would die at a young age and the narrator even states Doodle was born out of disappointment. Even if Doodle survived, he couldn’t do anything with the

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