Scarlet Letter And The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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Choose Wisely
Well-known american author Caroline Myss once wisely wrote, “Never blame another person for your personal choices- you are still the one who must live out the consequences of your choices”(Simple Reminders). Choices and decisions are made everyday, but to make good choices is vital in order to have no bad consequences. In The Scarlet Letter and The Other Wes Moore, all protagonists are faced with difficult decisions to make. Along the way they make some bad decisions but reflect on them time and time again. It is up to them to make the right choice and stay on the right path or they just might have to live with the consequences of their mistakes that they could have fixed easily. In both Nathaniel Hawthorne's and Wes Moore’s novels they include stream of consciousness and imagery to portray how your actions now will impact your future later.
Stream of consciousness is a literary device that is present in The Other Wes Moore and The Scarlet Letter. Wes Moore incorporates this well when the author Wes is caught tagging the walls of an old building with his friend Shea, a young hustler. However, when the two hear the distinct sound of the police siren they both separate and, despite their efforts, are caught by the police and shoved into the back of the police car. As this happens, the author Wes stated clearly that he was “terrified”(Moore 82), and despite his friend Shea putting up a fight he remained uneasy. He also claimed that he “had no idea what was
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