Scarlet Letter Major Works Data Sheet

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Major Works Data Sheet Details of the setting (include changes in setting) Significance of setting to the meaning of the work The Scarlet Letter is set in Boston in the mid-1600’s. There are a number of different settings inside this, including Dimmesdale and Chillingworth’s quarters, the scaffold at night and day, Hester’s cottage, the Governor’s home, and the forest. The setting of Boston in the mid-1600s is important to the work mainly because of the people. If it was set at any time afterwards, the people would have seemed out of context with their weird beliefs and practices and their strange forms of punishment and just the way they go about things. Also, the setting of the work goes along with the…show more content…
Antagonist Hateful Evil Scheming Governor Bellingham The Governor at the time of the story. One of the Magistrates Fair Judging Self-Righteous Mistress Hibbens The Governor’s sister, believed to be a witch. Frequently foreshadows events to come. Creepy Awkward John Wilson Fellow minister to Dimmesdale One of the Magistrates Good Fair Not
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