Scarlet Letter Rhetorical Analysis

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“I was chained between two nations” Throughout the novel, chains was mention variously. Figuratively of course. Chains, in the novel, is suppose to represent her inability to choose her own opinion, whether it’s being a loyalist or a patriot. She is stuck between her two choices to choose because they both promise something that she desires; freedom. It was unclear as to which side she will choose, as her opinions changes throughout the novel. In the beginning, she was a patriot. her friend, Curzon, promised her that if she becomes a spy for them against the Locktons, (who were loyalists), then she and her sister will receive freedom. She does what she was told, and acted as a spy, and gave many important information to Patriots. But the patriots didn’t keep their own end of the deal. Isabel soon believes that even if the colonies become independent from Britain, slaves will …show more content…

In the novel, it quotes, “The British Lord Dunmore in Virginia offered freedom-total freedom-to any slave who escapes to his camp.” He shook his fist in the air when he said “freedom.” (Grandfather 164). Despite the counter argument the other slaves gave, Isabel decides to join the British cause and become a Loyalist. The novel states, “I will run and join the British” and “They’d grant me freedom and give me work.” (both quotes by Isabel 174). By these two quotes, Isabel believes that if she joined the British, she would be able to gain freedom to become independent. Then, she plans to find work and earn enough money to find her sister Ruth, who Isabel still believes was sold away. She believes that the British offers much more than what the Patriots did, and since they failed her last time, she is sketchy about joining them again and doesn’t really trust them. She believes that they want freedom for the colonists, not for slaves. Thus, she becomes a

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