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Chapters 1 and 2
1. The necessities that must be provided immediately by the founders of a new colony are a cemetery and a prison.
2. The rose bush outside the prison sprung up under the footsteps of the sainted Ann Hutchinson.
3. The town people have gathered to witness the punishment of Hester Prynne.
4. The scarlet letter on her bodice is meant as punishment for her sin. The letter A stands for adultery.
5. Every new colony is quick in building a cemetery and prison because they know that misbehavior and death are inevitable.
6. Many of the town people regard Hester’s punishment as too lenient. They say that she can easily cover up her bodice with a brooch.
7. When denying someone the ability to hide their face it forces them to face
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If she left Boston she’d be able to start fresh and remove the scarlet letter however she knows that it would not be
2. The people of Boston allowed Hester to sew for burials, babies, and officials’ robes. Hester is not allowed to sew for weddings.
3. Hester uses her spare money on the poor.
4. The one friend who dares not show himself is Dimmsdale.
5. The people of the town do not want Hester making wedding veils because it would be inappropriate for the hands of an adulterer to touch the wedding veil of a pure woman.
6. Hawthorne only means that during early years women weren’t allowed many opportunities outside the house, therefore the only activity that Hester is capable of doing, in order to survive, is sewing.
7. I believe that women did in fact derive pleasure from needlework because of their limited role in society. However, the same thing can not be said about the women of today because women now hold higher places in society.
8. Hawthorne refers to the eye of Dimmsdale. Hester has sinned anew because during this moment of relief she reflects on her love with Dimmsdale.

Chapter 6
1. Hester accounted for pearl’s character by “recalling what she herself had been, during that momentous period while pearl was imbibing her soul from the spiritual world, and her bodily frame from its material of earth.”
2. The discipline of children in the early days of the Boston colony would include harsh rebukes and

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