Scarlet Song By Mariama Ba

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In her book Scarlet Song, Mariama Ba characterizes the way of life and beliefs in Africa in the 1960’s. The first of the four principles ways that Mariama Ba characterizes this is the cross-culture marriage. She depicts the hardships of two people from different cultures that want to be married. The troubles that they have when they announce to their families their intensions. Second, the Senegalese Muslim society. Mariama Ba characterizes the Muslim beliefs, and how it defines the lives of Ousmane and Mireille. She describes the beliefs of this religion, and the way that it influences Ousmane’s decisions for his families, and the people of his village. Third, racism. She characterizes the racial tensions of the time, and how it affects the lives of Ousmane and Mireille. She depicts how their families and friends really feel about the other race, and how they live with the tensions of this. Fourth, blending of the old and the new traditions. Mariama Ba depicts how Ousmane blends his old way of life to the new ways. He gets an education, and has issues about being colonized. He tries to live within the old ways while trying to live in the new. He has a war within himself over this. Mariama Ba characterizes the cross-culture of Ousmane and Mireille marriage. Like many of the people from different cultures, that want to be together, they are going to have trouble adapting to the different culture, especially with the marital demands of adjustment and integration. Mireille
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