Scars : What If One Scar Affects You?

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Scars are something that stay with a person forever long after they have faded. Scars impact people’s lives in many ways whether it be physical or emotional. What if one scar affects you in both ways. If your life is impacted both ways it do some pretty bad things to you not just physical but also mentally. Dealing with a scar like that can make you lose yourself and also push the people who care about you the most in your life away.
It started in 8th grade while I was still playing basketball. I remember when I first hurt my back and thought it was nothing more than a muscle sprain. After my coach insisted I go to the doctor they took an x-ray and found a small spot but they told me not to worry about. After that I went on playing thinking nothing was wrong, but the longer the season went the worse it got even then I ignored it. At the time I didn’t know how serious I was injuring myself and how it would affect me.
Upon entering my freshman year of high school the pain in my back was an everyday issue and kept me from participating in basketball and other school event. Some days I would wake up in such an amount of pain I wouldn’t be able to go to school. During November my mom decided to take me to Shriner 's in Lexington. They took some x-rays and a CT scan and it turns out the once little spot had grew to the point where it had broken through back to where it was pushing upon my nerves in my spine. I can still remember sitting in the room hearing them explain to me and I…

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