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January 5, 2013 1. What is the instructor’s name (spelling counts)? Where did the instructor go to college? The instructor’s name is Jane Smith. 2. What is the instructor’s email address to be used for questions and submission of projects? 3. What day(s) of each week are Chapter homework assignments always due? Chapter homework assignments are always due on Thursdays and Sundays. Furthermore, discussions are due every Tuesday. 4. What is the time deadline (hour:minutes, AM or PM) for the Portal assignments to be submitted? Homework is due at 10 PM. 5. On Canvas, under Navigating the Portal, what are the two Cautions that are listed? The portal times out after 2 hours so students need to save their homework as…show more content…
In the second sentence, state what the test measured. 14. What is the phone number for the Stats Portal Help Line? The phone number is 1-800-936-6899 15. Canvas contains study questions for each chapter. Locate the study questions for chapter 4 – what is the answer to #1? The answer is: r=.9314 16. How many submissions are allowed for Exercises? How many submissions are allowed for Post Tests? Two submissions are allowed for exercises and only one submission is allowed for post-tests. 17. How many points will you receive on the Scavenger Hunt if get all questions correct. How many points will be deducted for each question missed? If all questions are correct, you receive 50 points. You lose 10 points for each incorrect answer. 18. Canvas contains practice exams and answers. What is the answer to question 6 on the Chapters 1, 2 and 3 practice exam? The answer is: Mean=120; Standard Deviation=8 19. On Canvas, Navigating Stats Portal gives you helpful information about the Portal site. What should you do if you are taking longer than 2 hours to complete an exercise? You should save your answers periodically so that they do not get erased. 20. If you find that you are struggling to understand the material in this course, name four resources that BC or the instructor offers to help you be successful in the course. Four resources available are the math lab, Stats Tutors, Applets, Crunch
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