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Use the ECPI Catalog available found here: . It is the newest edition. Answer the following questions found within the ECPI University Catalog.

Instructions (These should be posted under the document upload activity in Moodle):
Upload completed assignment here. Copy and paste each question into a Word document and respond beneath each question in full sentences. Answer each question in your own words (do not copy and paste). Provide the page number on which the information is found. Save the document as first name, last initial_scavengerhunt. Example: CrystalE_Scavengerhunt.
If you have questions, please ask.

Scavenger Hunt Questions
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3. What is the role of the Career Services Advisor? 4. Why would you visit the Career Services office? 5. What is a Career Fair? 6. What is the role of the Librarian? 7. What resources are available in the library? 8. What is the library checkout policy? 9. What is MySafeCampus?

Professionalism Requirements 1. Name five inappropriate types of dress. 2. Discuss the importance of wearing the assigned uniforms (med) and/or dressing for a business environment (nsm/IT, bus). (Please respond according to your major) 3. Why does ECPI enforce the dress code? 4. What is the attendance policy here at ECPI? 5. What is your responsibility as a student when you are running late or if you are going to be absent? 6. After how many absences will you be in danger of being dropped from a course? 7. Name five examples of inappropriate dress and/or appearance. 8. What is the Leave of Absence Policy? 9. What is the policy on Late Assignments? (Please answer for your program if it has specific requirements.) 10. What is the Honor Code? What kind of actions would constitute a violation of the Honor Code? 11. What is the policy for Cell Phones and Portable Electronic Devices?

Academic Advising 1. When might Academic Advising be done? 2. What is an Academic Review Board (ARB)? 3. What type of situations warrant a student being placed before an ARB? 4. What is a Judicial Review

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