Sceintific Management in the Modern Workplace

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Scientific management theory was developed in the late 19th century by Fredric Winslow Taylor. At that time, the business environment was experiencing a revolution from agricultural to industrial dependency. As a result, a majority of the workers migrating from rural to industrial areas seeking employment opportunities were untrained and generally less effective. Taylor therefore sought to establish how an organization can enjoy maximum efficiency and productivity. He did this by scientifically studying the work flow process. Particularly, he was interested on how work was being conducted and the effect this had on individual productivity. He concluded that the level of efficiency and productivity between individual varied
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Even on the part of the manager and organization at large, the extreme use of resources in planning the workflow process and supervising employees, makes this type of management an unattractive (Caldari 2007; Pruijt 2002; Poppendieck & Poppendieck 2003).
Generally the current workplace requires maximum collaboration between employees and managers. This type of collaboration is not the type suggested by scientific management whereby senior manager plans and issues order that have to be followed specifically by the employees. It is the type whereby both the input of the junior and senior employees are taken with the seriousness they deserve and determined whether they can be effective once applied in the organization. Contemporary managers are quickly realizing this and thus adopting management styles that are aligned to this principle. Management by Objectives (MBO) is such a management style that is currently being witnessed in the workplace; it contradicts the principle of scientific management. Proponents of this management style believe workers will clear understanding of their roles and be more committed in actualizing of the organizations goals and objectives only if they are engaged in the setting of the objectives and designing of the workflow process

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