Scenario Analysis: Funding the Homeless

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Background and Issue Issue takes place in a middle class suburban area in the NE part of the United States. The central argument surrounds a building planning board that is tasked to bring a federally funded homeless shelter into a suburban township area. Advocates for the shelter have already done preliminary work and presented plans for a 200 room, hotel style arrangement that provides privacy, showers, etc. Many of these individuals are working, but women and children of a class known as "the working poor." Those opposed are worried about a number of emotional issues: crime, property values, perception of the area around the hotel, etc. The scenario surrounds the Board meeting that will decide the fate of the shelter. Members of the Board and their Psychogramographics Name Demographics Psychographics Henry White Male Worked all his life, believes homeless just need a handout and are too lazy to receive a HS education. Kelly White Female Questions whether it is society's job to take care of women who have children they have trouble supporting. Larry White Male Does have compassion for the poor and homeless to help them get on their feet. Jon Asian Male (Korean) Worried about property values and economic issues. Adem Asian Male (East Indian) Questions allocation of Federal funds, would rather they go to schools. Analysis Only one member of the group is even open to the idea of the Homeless Center. To even make a case, one would need to appeal to
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