Scenario Analysis

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Scenario Analysis Officers are faced with moral decisions everyday on and off duty. It is ultimately, up to the person who is faced to make the choice between right and wrong. “Even if a man is answerable only to his conscience, he will answer more responsibly if he is compelled to articulate principles on which he acts.” stated by Lon L. Fuller (1975). We were given a few scenarios to apply this saying to and the following are my opinions that I have regarding them. The Drugs at a Friend’s House scenario is a constant issue to most officers. Many officers want to go out with the same people or friends that they have had prior to the force. However, a lot has changed in the officer. Some will turn a blind eye and the others…show more content…
Most police departments have specific guidelines on accepting gifts, regardless of who they are from or what they are. Most will always allow you to accept the basket but not the money card. This is because it is known, that by accepting gifts could lead to the slippery slope of corruption. This is showing moral conflict and possibly an integrity issue. I would accept the fruit basket but would explain to the store owner my appreciation of the thought, but would have to decline the gift card. The explanation would be somewhere along the lines of, I thank you for your offer but unfortunately I will not be able to accept the gift card because of the policies that the police department hold on money gifts. The final scenario is about discrimination against homosexuals. I believe that Officer Davis does not have moral problem but is showing his ignorance. What Officer Jones does on his off time is his business. Most police departments’ today state that there will be NO tolerance for discrimination of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or disability in the conduct of law-enforcement activities. However, if Officer Jones is sexually harassing Officer Davis, then that would be a different story. I believe that it would have to be explained to Officer Davis that there I understand that he might be uncomfortable because of his beliefs is a form of
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