Scenario: Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Essay example

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Case Study: Scenario 2 November 28, 2013 Charlene Douglas HSER 509-B17 Liberty University Dr. Izola Jones Scenario #2 Janet just completed her fourth divorce. She is in her early 30s. Her personal life is in chaos. She has children by three of her former husbands. Janet has struggled with addiction issues over the years including alcohol and drugs. She came from a very difficult family where her parents were alcoholics and often fought with each other. Her uncle sexually abused Janet on more than one occasion when he lived with the family during her early teen years. Janet’s problems with drugs and alcohol began as a teenager. Counseling is a process used to help another person to better handle their problems. When…show more content…
Enlightenment and knowledge of the outside world is important. Maintaining a dire understanding of how one’s standards, values, assumptions, perceptions, and myths can be projected on clients is imperative to keep in mind. Open-mindedness allows me to accommodate clients’ feelings, attitudes, and behaviors that may be different from my own. It promotes honest communication. Therefore, I don’t have any kind of personal bias counseling this client. Goals for therapy include identify and address the client’s problems. Developing a substance‐free environment. Help client cope with the emotional distress that the removal of substance abuse can cause. Uses a social‐learning framework to conceptualize drinking and other substance abuse problems. Develop positive reinforcers for abstinence. Enhancing the functioning of the client intimate relationships. Developing effective communication and problem solving skills. Developing relapse prevention skills. Consolidate abstinence by focusing on resolving dysfunctional rules, roles, and alliances such as the sexual abuse and domestic violence from childhood. After sobriety is achieved, deepen intimacy through appropriate expression of suppressed feelings from the sexual abuse. The most important goal of therapy is achieve abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse. This is the most important goal because once sobriety is achieve you can focus on the real problems
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