Scenario Evaluation Plan Essay

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PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is dedicated to the community in reducing victim trauma, empowering survivors, and to promote recovery through direct services. The objectives are to promote the well-being of people who has been affected by domestic violence, and to educate people about domestic violence. So basically this program is there to help those who need it the most people who think they cannot get out or people who need to know the facts about domestic violence and what it can do to people and their families. The program is available to everybody who could be exposed to violence whether it’s domestic violence, rape or abuse. Evaluation plans are very important for programs, it help make changes or know if the program will…show more content…
Questionnaires will need to be answered from clients and staff in order to evaluate. The outcome evaluation focuses on the effectiveness and impact of the program, is the program successful or failing. The outcome evaluation measures how well the program is doing when it comes to fulfilling goals, objectives or mission. The evaluation will look at the clients life, has it gotten better or has it stayed the same or gotten worse, (the success rate for clients). The evaluation could look at short or long term outcomes of survivors' immediate safety, survivors' increased knowledge about domestic violence, survivors' increased awareness of resources and options and community's knowledge about domestic violence. Other types of evaluation that should be included in the Peace Domestic Violence Agency are empowerment evaluation and project wide evaluation. The empowerment evaluation would get the staff more involved in the program and since they would be more involved they would care more about the program. Staff members will get a closer look at services they intend to provide to the community. “As program staff designs the plan, they must strategically lay out the community needs, activities to address the needs, target population to be served, and the desired outcome of the services provided.” (Yuen, Terao, 2003) The project-wide evaluation would work well with PEACE because it looks at the project goals which

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