Scenario Involving Civil Liability and Civil Action

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Scenario Involving Civil Liability and Civil Action Jacquelyne Anderson Professor Phillip Edwards CJ499-01 September 14, 2014 In this scenario project I will identify four alleged crimes and one criminal civil action. In addition, I will apply principles involving criminal law relevant to the criminal justice practice, and I will demonstrate my understanding of civil liabilities relative to criminal justice agencies, and practitioners. Furthermore, I will identify case laws relevant to the possible civil action that could be brought against the police officer, the department and the city. After addressing these issues, I will have described a scenario involving a civil liability and a civil action. When identifying the four…show more content…
I do think because of what happened, the individual who went to the hospital has grounds to possibly file a civil action against the police officer, his department, and the city. When applying principles of criminal law to criminal justice practice in this scenario, according to Sage Publications (2009, p.4) “Criminal law is law which defines certain types of behavior as being criminal, and allow those types of behavior to be punished in some way by the state. However, another kind of law called substantive criminal law, relates to the action which involves behavior characterized as felonious, emerging into punishment provided from a state in which individuals are found at fault, or is liable for violating laws (statutes). This law is different from procedural law, for this law gives description and governance providing authority to criminal justice agencies, so they can check thoroughly bringing action against those from court, by indicting them and cracking down on crimes. Furthermore, substantive law is different from civil law, for it handles alternate patterns involving behavior, developed into a few models of repayment, usually monetary once a judge decides an individual is found guilty. In criminal law cases an individual must be proven guilty, provided the evidence presented as guilty, is over and above acceptable doubt. When demonstrating my understanding of civil
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