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HSM/220 Human Services Administration: So You Want To Help People 08/18/2013
Scenario Solution

As more and more students drop out of schools is important to put money together in order to open up more programs that will help them gain the educational skills that will ensure that students learn the skills they need to obtain a job and be able to accomplish their tasks successfully. Making this happen will take close attention and a lot of work, understanding, and conversation. To define goals and share achievements as they happen from all teams which include educators, students, and the community. The challenge is to provide high school drop-outs with enough information and help them boost their confidence to find a job.
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There are many obstacles to be overcome while trying to motivate high schools drop-outs. We must compete with companies that hire students for jobs that require low skills like fast food restaurants, manual labor like landscaping or maintenance jobs. For this companies to make profits they must hire people that will only earn the lowest wages. In order to help school drop-outs realize these companies are taking advantage of them, we must post fliers or brochures around the businesses and the community.

To make sure that the advertisement on the fliers is effective, we will use the advertisement team to create, design and print out pamphlets, flyers, brochures, and other information necessary about the organization. In order to compete with the companies that hire drop-out students, we must ensure that students realize that it’s important to achieve more in life, to have a more financial stable future for them and their families.

To achieve all the goals mention we must have community support. The community partners can help us by sharing a place to hold meetings. When deciding where to meet monthly or weekly, it is important to vary where the meetings are held by meeting outdoors. Many high schools students have a passion for sports and sharing activities after a meeting will definitely encourage them to assist every meeting. Holding community outreach programs at a local park can alleviate the expenditures. Holding these meetings
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