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Scenario Solution HSM 220 February 27, 2011 Sandra Whitlock, M.A. Scenario Solution The current state of the economy in the United States today has placed more pressure on Human Service Organizations. Human Service Organizations are private or public organizations that help meet the needs of people in the communities that surround them. Locally, many programs that have helped countless numbers of people are forced to cut down on services or simply close. In this community, because of the number of jobs lost resulting from relocation of companies to other cities, the decline of local property taxes that support the local school systems have caused the local school district to lose needed resources. One of the major…show more content…
• Technological Resources- How can the organization stay current with innovative computer and hardware? • Financial Resources- How can fund resources and expenses be tracked? How can alerts be provided when a potential financial problem arises? Both the external and internal considerations are important to ensure the database is easily accessible. They act together to ensure that each area runs without problem or error. Finally, they affect the agency by influencing the mission and vision, principles, directives, and helps shape the organization. Environmental factors have to be considered to determine how they may influence the mission. The four external environmental factors that help organizations achieve optimal function are economic, sociological, political, and technological. Economic Factors funding, noncash resources, cliental, supplies, and competitors are to be considered. • Funding – exploring where the funding for the program will come from. Sources for funding can include donated, government grants, and assessing of fees. • Noncash resources, which consist of tax benefits, non- monetary donations such as cloths, equipment, food, or space to conduct services. • Clients or consumers- What is the need in the community? What service is in demand? Is this an ongoing need? Who will be the client or consumer? • Supplies- Who is the labor force? Where can these workers be recruited from in the
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