Scenario Thinking Or Scenario Analysis

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This research report is based on scenarios, and the fact that they don’t predict the future, but they appear to be more like hypotheses that ask “what if” though in a disciplined manner. Scenarios are stories, images or maps of the future. There is more to a scenario than what meets the ear or eye and in this research report I will be explaining further to you what scenarios are by answering questions about them. Let us read further and discover more about scenarios.

Definition of a Scenario
A scenario is a view of possible alternatives of the world (events or situations) which are described in a form of a story (narrative) that might help managers make better executive or strategic decisions. A scenario is a process of visualizing what future conditions or events are probable, what their consequences or effects would be like, and how to respond to, or benefit from, them. Scenario planning also called scenario thinking or scenario analysis is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make flexible long-term plans.

1. Scenarios can’t predict the future, so what’s the point?” Critically evaluate this statement.
Scenario are not there to predict the future as such, they are to offer a series of alternative futures in which today’s decisions may play out. Unlike forecasts (which predicts future possibilities), scenarios are actual a story or stories which have a beginning, a middle and an ending. If you are to construct a good scenario, it
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