Essay on Scenario of a Human Service Client

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Scenario of a Human Services Client Working in the field of human services is a unique, yet rewarding career. Human services workers engage with diverse populations and carry different titles to include counselors, case managers, milieu therapists, social workers, etc. Regardless of what title a human service worker may hold, communication between a client and professional is vital. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a client from a particular background and address his presenting issues. It will review how I would interview my client to include specific communication techniques, ways I would establish a working relationship, discuss possible boundary issues, and recommendations or referrals to certain groups for this client. The…show more content…
His treatment team consists of a therapist, milieu therapist, case manager, social worker, and probation officer. My first clinical interview with Joe was productive. I went over goals and objectives to pass through his phases. His responses were short and made very little eye contact. Joe was very quiet his first few weeks in program. He was compliant with staff and stayed on task with class work and actively engaged in group and individual therapy sessions. As he got comfortable with his peers and staff, he began showing his personality, which allowed me, as his milieu therapist, to begin helping him develop coping skills and teach him more appropriate behaviors when he would lose control of his emotions. His anger outbursts became more frequent, and some resulted in physical altercations with other peers. He was found with drugs and rumors of him selling drugs to other clients became an issue. As previously mentioned, I believe communication between a client and human services worker is of vital importance in any individual’s treatment. According to the Center for Negotiation Studies website, there are three major styles of communication: Aggressive, Passive, and Assertive (Communication Skills, n.d.). My communication style with Joe is Assertive. I am an effective, active listener with Joe. He does not open up very easily, and so when he does I need to ensure he feels like I am listening to every word he says. I set
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