Scenarios Of Speeding

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An overview of the scenario Speeding is a dangerous problem. Adult humans are behind the wheel of a machine, a vehicle, that can harm or kill another being. (A being is one that can feel pain and pleasure (Quinn, 2013, pg. 76)). Because of the danger of these speeding vehicles on freeways, the East Dakota State Police (EDSP) has selected the current video recording technology devices as a tool to reduce speeders in their jurisdiction. The EDSP recording camera is sensitive enough to detect vehicles moving over a set speed limit. In this case, the EDSP are able to register speed exceeding five miles per hour. The cameras are technologically advanced enough to record the license plate number and a photo of the driver to match to state…show more content…
There is no evidence from the text’s scenario that permission or protection is in place for the people. The safety of people has been a primary benefit of the sophisticated camera and matching technology because it has caused lower speeds and increased awareness. The jurisdictions benefit in monies collected. The FBI used the technology to protect the people by locating terrorist. The EDSP could have used the traditional methods to prohibit speeding, but the problem has always been that there are not enough police officers to cover all the areas necessary. The cameras allow officers to do more important work. Another technology is that of a tracker or “black box” installed in cars which controversially point to the privacy issue again (Hill, 2012). Lastly, vehicles could be required to have governors. The problem with a “speed governor” might be the various speeds allowable in different jurisdictions (Patrick, 2012).” The FBI could have used traditional methods to locate terrorist as well, but the same as the police officer, there are not enough FBI agents to do all the potential work. We would all need a personal tracking device embedded at…show more content…
In this scenario, perhaps it is morally wrong to go over the speed limit more than five miles over the posted speed limit. There would be no exceptions; therefore, more babies may be born on the highway because the father could not speed to get the mother to the hospital. Infant mortality may increase because medical care is not obtainable on the freeway quickly enough because the ambulance cannot speed either. In this case, something good like getting the mother to the hospital to safely delivery the baby may actually be bad because the father was a speeder risking the lives of others or because of the risk of infant mortality. In the case of the text’s scenario, if the terrorist had not been speeding he would not have been captured especially without the camera proof. The Rule Utilitarian needs rules and guidelines that are agreed to and followed my all. All of the society would need to agree to go less than five miles over the speed limit to minimize the possibility of harm or death to their fellow man. Unless vehicle design included equipment to monitor or govern speed, this would be a huge burden on public officials or potentially cause conflict with people reporting each other. The Rule Utilitarian would not approve of the invasion of privacy caused by the cameras (harm), but would
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