Scenary: Play Analysis

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My first theatrical scenary came about when I went to the Marlins game. I was watching the behavioral of those who came out to sport their team. I start to notice that when the screen started broadcasting the fans they went bananas and starting dancing. From my high seat I can see what individuals were on the screen just by there movements.

The second scenary came about when I was at church. Before service everyone was calm and talking to each other. Soon as they announced prayer everyone stood up. The children’s parents was tapping their bad kids on the leg to make them stand. Every prayer the singers began to lead to the service into worship. I have noticed that the atmosphere changed. Songs began to make people weep, shout, speak in tongues, and the little children started to mock the elders.
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I washed my brother as he spoke weed. Normally when he is not smoking he makes jokes and want to play fight. However, once he take about a couple of puffs he starts to become more and more relax and everything I said seemed funny to him. Watching him made me laugh and act silly with him even though I was naturally
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