Scene 10 Of Tommy's Life

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Scene 10
Tommy’s life is finally turning around for the good. He’s finally doing well in school, he’s making friends, and he found a sport he loves. He’s not depressed anymore; he’s not just going to school and to the house. He’s actually genuinely smiling. He feels like he’s on top of the world and nothing can stop him. After the hockey game, Tommy remembered that he had a conversation he had with Matt about asking Kirsten out. He spots Kirsten walking up to her locker, and decides to do the impossible. They’ve been friends since his first day at McDaniel and he didn’t know what to say or do around her, he was hypnotized by her beauty.
(In his head) I can do this. Tommy you can do this.
Tommy started making his way to Kirsten. He made it halfway and decided to turn around and go back to his locker. Seconds later, he decided to try again and actually got up to her locker.
Kirsten was wearing her volleyball shirt and some leggings. She was getting her books out of her locker and she felt someone’s presence. She slightly turned her head and then saw Tommy from the corner of her eye and saw him turning back. She was disappointed that he didn’t go up to her, because she wanted to talk to him, but continued getting her books and then when she was about to close her locker, she felt the presence again and turned around. Tommy was standing in front of her.
(Shyly) Hey you! What’s up?
She was disappointed in what she said, but she couldn’t take it back now. They…
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