Scene 3 Scene In Othello

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Scene three of the second act begins on page 66 of the manga version. Cassio walks down the stairs greeting Iago, ready to start their night-watch. Iago points out that the clock has not yet struck ten and offers some wine to Cassio. Cassio notes that he is very sensible to alcohol and already had his one drink for the night. As the reader is aware of Iago´s thoughts, it is revealed that he hopes to get Cassio as drunk as Roderigo, knowing that Roderigo's been drinking all night. Cassio very soon gets drunk, but insists that he is otherwise, because he can even distinguish his right hand from his left hand.
Ryuta Osada shows Cassio´s alcoholised state (p.67) by drawing him with a heavy blush and beads of sweat in the face. His eyes are depicted
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He presses Iago´s shoulders against the wall violently and shouts at him. One can see in this scene how his mental state is already starting to loosen. Iago fuels the fire by telling Othelly that he overheard Cassio in his sleep, talking about Desdemona and himself as lovers.
The Moor´s reaction is not immediate, he lets his hand drop in disbelief. A small element of comic relief is inserted as the annoyed Iago visibly sighs while massaging the shoulder Othello had treated harshly before. However, he introduces his lethal argument: the handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona as a token of their love is, according to Iago, now in Cassio´s posession.
This causes something inside Othello to snap, one can literally see on page 121 how his trust in Desdemona is shattered once and for all, how his mental state gets critical and how, in consequence to this, his wings turn black. The angel that Othello once might have been has started to fall. Othello subsequently orders Iago to arrange an executioner for Cassio and swears that he himself shall take care of Desdemona. The scene ends with Iago looking back on the once strong Othello, smmirking and saying “I am your own
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