Scene Analysis of "The Green Mile" Essay

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The film The Green Mile was originally written by Stephen King and later directed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the guards and inmates of a penitentiary’s Death Row during the great depression. There is a certain monotony that comes with working on Death Row and Paul Edgecomb, played by Tom Hanks, has become numb to the fact that he is paid to take lives; that is until John Coffey gets sentenced to death and is sent to Paul’s “green mile”. John Coffey is a very large black man that was accused of rape and murder of two little girls, and in the 1930’s having charges like that brought upon you was grounds for the death penalty, especially for a black man in the south. Through the movie we see that although large in nature, John is quite…show more content…
Jingles. Quite a lot of time has passed in the movie from Paul on the Green Mile to Paul in the nursing home, this is referred to as cinematic time. He has walked with another resident, Elaine who is a minor character, out to an old shed on location filled with objects of the past, usual things found in a shed but they were all covered in dust. Just that screen shot of the two elderly people juxtaposed together to create a composition that plays off of each other is very powerful in itself. The book The Philosophy of Language Film Analysis explains to us that these types of scenarios, elderly people in an old building, help to create a really strong scene and help the movie a lot. If we has seen Paul and Elaine walk into a brand-new mansion the effect of Paul’s suffering would not be understood. The next shot is of both Paul and Elaine getting down on the old wood floor and are playing with Mr. Jingles. Then Paul starts explaining the details of the story to Elaine and they go back and forth conversing. He is explaining to her that he was cursed for killing “a miracle of God” and his punishment is to stay alive while those around him that he loves must die. Both he and Mr. Jingles got a piece of John Coffey when they had their little encounters with him, and together they must go on. We see three different shots throughout the majority of this scene. First it goes back and forth with shot and reverse shot as Paul and Elaine are
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