Sch 33 Equality and Inclusion in Health Essay

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SHC 33 Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings 1. Explain what is meant by: Diversity Equality Inclusion Mean by Diversity the differences between individuals and groups in society arising from gender, ethnic origins, social, cultural or religious background, family structure, disabilities, sexuality and appearance. Our society is made up of people with a wide range of characteristics. Where people vary in a multitude of ways, including in their age, sex, sexual orientation, physical characteristics such as height, weight and skin colour, ability, personal experiences and personal attributes, such as beliefs, values and preferences Diversity contributes strength to a…show more content…
Discrimination against people on the grounds of their income, for example treating people living in poverty as inferior, is known as povertyism 3. Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity. Discrimination and prejudice interfere with: Children’s right to have access to equality of opportunity ,promoting the positive aspects of diversity. And they have no place in setting for children . Setting should always aim for inclusion is the opposite of discrimination. `inclusion requires us to appreciate the barriers real or perceived to all children and families participating in and benefiting from what a setting has to offer on an equal footing. Working towards inclusion involves striving to ensure that such barriers are broken down. When we start to remove these barriers and make sure that all children and families can be ( and feel themselves to be) part of our settings, we are taking steps to open up equality of opportunity and promote positive attitudes to diversity. We offer each child opportunities to achieve and flourish which are as good as the opportunities experienced by other children and families has an opportunity to participate in a setting. 4. Explain how legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to own work role Setting to promote equality of opportunity and ensure that every family is included. Learn child name, same for parents knowledge

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